Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Tuesday Updates


During one of the news conferences, the sheriff said that the rescue teams had failed the families by not reaching Kelly in time, but that he knew they had done their best.

The family wants everyone to know—and Frank is communicating this to Sheriff Wampler—that they have not failed anyone in any sense of the word. We can hardly express the gratitude we have for the extraordiary efforts of all of these dedicated people, from the leaders in the command center, to the climbers on the mountain, to those flying above Mt. Hood, and other who are operating behind the scenes. They have risked their lives. They have reached out to the grieving, agonizing family members. They have worked to the point of exhaustion. They have been gracious to the media and open with information. They and many, many others have volunteered and poured themselves into this rescue effort. They have gone above and beyond the call of duty, and we thank God for everyone of them.

For the family,
Carolyn James

3:30 p.m. EST:

Sheriff Wampler said the search is continuing. They have fixed-wing aircraft in the air. Visibility is is clear above 2500 feet. On the ground, searchers are on stand-by, and they are also using avalanche teams to probe areas where they think Brian and Nikko might be.

The sheriff also announced that Kelly's shoulder was dislocated.

I just spoke with Frank. He told me that Monday night Monday, Staff Sergeant Joshua Johnston with the 304th Pararescue Squadron—the the rescue climber who found Kelly—met privately with him. It was an extraordinary meeting, and a great comfort to Frank, and just another example of how incredible all members of the rescue team have been.

For a video interview of Joshua Johnston:


11:45 a.m. EST:

There is a news conference this morning at noon EST to report on search efforts for Brian and Nikko. www.katu.com should have it online live and also the video later. CNN will cover. Please continue to pray. Hearts are aching beyond words--over loss and uncertainty. Thank you again for your wonderful support.


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