Thursday, December 21, 2006

Thursday Update

4:30 p.m. EST:

Today is a day of quiet for the families. Some are traveling home. Most are already at home. We are still counting on your prayers for us. The days ahead will be difficult for everyone, as everyone tries to return to their lives. Thank you again for all of your love and concern.

Many are asking about plans for the funeral and also the memorial funds, which are still developing. This update will give you where things stand at the moment.

Kelly's Funeral Service:

The information I have posted under "Kelly James Funeral Service" is current. The family has not yet announced a time for the service and will know that tomorrow. Just keep checking this blog.

Memorial Funds:

Two separate funds are currently being set up—1) for the Mt. Hood Search and Rescue effort and (2) for Kelly's children. These will be tax-deductible funds, but it takes time to set them up. Please bear with us as we make these arrangements.

Hopefully we will have more specific information to announce Friday.

With our gratitude,

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Anonymous said...


First, peace to you, Dr. James and the other families. This whole event makes my heart ache. For you, I can not imagine. . .

Second, seeing that you continue to blog, I have a question.

Most of us know that God can do as he pleases; he could have shown his might through rescuing the climbers. He chose to take them home early.
The response to the emergency was to call and hope for divine intervention. This hope was communicated to the media.

Here is my question: Would it not have been better to communicate to the media that we serve a good and powerful God; even if the climbers parish, we will serve Him?