Friday, December 15, 2006

Friday's News Conference

Before climbing Mt. Hood, the three climbers registered their plans with the Hood River Ranger Station. That note (see photo) was discovered Thursday, adding one more piece to the puzzle for family, rescue workers and reporters. The note revealed that they were well-equipped for their climb and as Frank noted, by registering with the ranger station (something not all climbers do), they had “dotted all their i’s and crossed all their t’s.” Capt. Christopher Bernard of the Air Force Reserve's 304th Rescue Squadron agreed. “I always knew they were squared away. But it just tells me they did the right things.” The note included their list of supplies, including food, fuel, bivvy sacks (sleeping bags), a shovel and ropes, which are all important for survival in the snow cave. This new information is reassuring for all of us, that the men were prepared for the possibilities this climb entailed.

Today’s rescue effort includes the efforts of a C-130 Aircraft from Reno, Nevada—capable of flying at high levels and of scanning the mountains surface in search of the climbers. This aircraft participated in Hurricane Katrina efforts. Rescue teams are ready and waiting to take to the mountain again, as soon as there is an opening.

Capt. Bernard also told reporters than in all of his nineteen years of rescue operations in the Portland area, this was “the largest rescue and the most outpouring of support that I’ve ever seen in my career.” To read more and watch the full press conference:

When I spoke with Frank first thing this morning he told me the power was out in his hotel, due to the storm. There was a power outage in much of Portland, as well. This morning’s network interviews with Karen James, Michaela Cooke and Angela Hall gave him a few more much needed hours of sleep. Interviewees have to rise at 2 a.m. for these east coast morning interviews. He is so grateful for your prayers and encouraged by the many expressions of love and support. Your interest and concern mean so much to all of us.


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