Saturday, December 16, 2006

Saturday Updates

11:45 p.m. EST:

This has been a long, hard day, and everyone is deeply disappointed that another day has passed, and we still don't have our three climbers back. Once again the weather proved to be too much. I have found much-needed encouragement from the climbers on the climbers' website. They are still optimistic and aren't giving up. That helps me keep going too.

I'm also encouraged by the acts of kindness that have filled this day. I can't help being moved by the outpouring of support and personal sacrifice that is coming from the rescue workers on the mountain and in the skies—people we don't even know—who were going all out to find our missing loved ones and bring them safely home.

Capt. Christopher Bernard went out of his way to make the day a little better for Kelly's kids. As you can imagine, the endless waiting is tough on them. Today, the captain pulled Jack (the youngest) aside and asked him if he'd like to take a look at a helicopter. He took Jack and Ford with him to see the copter and meet the pilot before it took off on its rescue mission.

Thanks for your notes and emails of encouragement and your persistence with us in prayer.

Until tomorrow . . .

5:25 p.m. EST:

This is hard to write, but rescue workers have been called off the mountain without locating any of the missing climbers. Weather conditions have become too severe. Air rescue efforts will continue, but ground efforts won't begin again until tomorrow. They are still hopeful and determined. This is hard for everyone, though.

4:50 p.m. EST:

There's a press conference at 5:00 p.m. CNN is running it; may be possible to catch on or or

4:29 p.m. EST:

From the Climber's blog:
"Next news conference is 2pm PT (37 mins from now). Fox says the Sheriff says 'no significant developments yet'... Nothing was said about the 2 unidentified climbers."

4:25 p.m. EST:

The climber's blog is a great source of current information. They're getting info from their fellow-climbers. They're pretty current and we're watching to see what they say.

They've reported spotting two climbers but aren't sure if they are the missing climbers. A helicopter is planning to move into that area and lower rescuers to that location. Here's info on that sighting:

Stay tuned . . .

2:15 p.m. EST:

Climbers on the south side of Mt. Hood are expected to summit in around 30 minutes. They will go over the top and down the north side to the location where Kelly is. They know his location.

On a different note . . . I just learned that women are asking if Frank James is married or single. I can clear up that question. He is very married.

Thanks for continuing to pray.


1:04 p.m. EST:

Rescue workers are on the mountain. They started at 4:00 a.m. PST. Temperatures are sub-zero (6 degrees at 12,000 ft), blowing snow and wind gusts are registering at 30 mph. The wind chill is around 30 below. According to Capt. Bernard, these climbers are excited to be on the mountain. They have avalanche experts on their teams. They are hopeful and hope to summit by mid-day.

Aerial support is active as well—Blackhawk helicopters and the C-130 aircraft from Reno, Nevada that was active Friday.

Moms of all three lost climbers spoke at the news conference.

If you want to follow discussions among the climbers, go to:


11:45 a.m. EST:

Frank just phoned. They are en route to the news conference. Last night all the families met with one of the "teenagers" who survived on Mt. Hood in the 70's for 13 days. Frank said, it really lifted everyone's spirits.

They are ready for this day to get moving. Rescue workers are rested and already on the mountain. Weather is clear and we have a good forecast for Sunday too. Please continue to pray.

Waiting together. . .


matt lacey said...

Thank you for posting this information. We are praying and I hope tomorrow will be the day. blessings,

Joel said...

We are watching, waiting, hoping and praying with you. Find a way to sleep tonight. For tomorrow is another day, and we pray that joy comes with the morning.

Joel and Sarah