Monday, December 18, 2006

Keep On Praying

All three families are grieving, and we know that you are grieving with us. This day has been a day of extreme highs and lows, and everyone has felt the blow of the death of one of the climbers. But we still have two missing climbers and families who desperately need us all to continue praying. We all have more work to do—SAR folks on the mountain and the rest of us our knees. Please pray for today's search efforts and the many wonderful volunteers and officials who are tirelessly putting their all into finding the missing climbers.

I was deeply touched by the words of Rob Marciano, CNN anchor who reported Sunday's tragic events. As he acknowledged how devastating this day was for everyone, he said this about my husband:

"You know [Frank James], the brother, has just been a rock this whole time. . . with the media and speaking on behalf of all the families. And it’s just weird not to see his face on TV to kinda share what the families are going through. Obviously it’s not good. And they‘ve been so positive here the last several days. I kinda want to see him. I kinda feel like he’s been our comforting soul of optimism. It’s tough not to have him with us."

Keep us all in your prayers.


Joel said...

That's a wonderful compliment, and I'm glad that others can see what is so obvious to me. We grieve with you over this great loss, and we continue to prayer with you for the work ahead.

Joel and Sarah Esala

Anonymous said...

My four year old son saw my head hanging while watching the news and asked what was wrong. I simply said that the climbers were still missing. He saw the helicopters and brightened and asked if they were looking for the climbers. Yes, I told him, but I was still worried. He said we should pray and this is his prayer:

Dear God,
Thank you for climbers.
Climbers,don't worry. People is looking for you and God loves you.

We are grieving and continuing to pray and I long to see Frank again as well Carolyn. tk

krustydog said...

The families are in our prayers. I could not sleep last night with the news that someone was found. It has made the joy of celebrating Christ's birth a little hard, but we also celebrate that Kelly is a Christian and we know that over the next days, weeks and years that will bring comfort, knowing 1) he died doing something he loved and 2) that he is sitting at the feet of his savior. My heart goes out to the family and the loss of Kelly and the pain of losing a bestfriend and father!