Saturday, September 12, 2015

Please Join Us in Honest Reflection on Grief & God

Thank you for posting prayers and notes during the search for the missing climbers on Mt. Hood. Please continue to pray for the families who are grieving and also that Brian and Nikko will soon be found. Family members are continuing to read the words of comfort and heartfelt friendship posted here.

We invite you to join our discussion below, as we reflect together on God's mysterious ways and seek a deeper relationship with Him.

“Faith sees best in the dark”

It's been a long time—years actually—since we've posted anything here. Still, people have continued to come to this site.

Stephen Colbert's recent interview of Vice President Joe Biden was a powerfully vulnerable and very moving conversation about grief and faith. We felt it was worth sharing.

The Vice President captured our sense of life after loss when he quoted of Simon Kierkegaard,

"Faith sees best in the dark."
We have drawn comfort from similar words written by Nicholas Wolterstorff after he lost his son in a climbing accident,
"I shall look at the world through tears. Perhaps I shall things that dry eyed I could not see.


To read more about the Kierkegaard quote, go to:  "Faith Sees Best in the Dark": Joe Biden and Kierkegaard.

Wolterstorff's quote comes from his book, Lament for a Son, p.69.