Saturday, December 16, 2006

Assault on the Mountain

Today feels something like D-Day. The weather has improved and rescue workers plan to attack the mountain in an all out rescue effort from the ground and from the air. Another storm is expected on Monday, so this Saturday/Sunday window of opportunity is critical. The forest service has issued a restriction on other hikers in the area, "to eliminate any false clues left by others, such as tracks or cell phone signals."

Please pray for success today—in finding Kelly, Brian and Nikko alive, in avoiding any injuries or mishaps to rescue workers—and that all who wait will have patience and will trust in God.

Our hearts are in our throats. Thank you for participating in this ordeal with us. God has blessed us with so many wonderful friends.

We are in God's hands.



Anonymous said...

I am praying with so many today that the storm will be calmed and the rescue efforts strengthened. I echo many of the comments already made- you are standing amazingly in these days and it is an honor to know and walk with you. We pray, hope and weep with you now and look forward to a day of rejoicing. All my love- Melissa Kurtz

Anonymous said...

I just read/heard the interview with the teenage survivor of 17 days stranded on Mt. Hood more than 30 years ago. That is so encouraging. I am praying with all of you that today is the day...that all three climbers would be found and found alive...that God's hand would be seen in this rescue today...that all three come off the mountain TODAY and no one else is hurt in the process. As Frank said Monday...God is still on His throne. Cannot wait to hear word of the rescue! Standing (or rather kneeling) with you...Cristi