Monday, December 18, 2006

James Family Statement

This is a difficult day for all three families. Our hope is that Kelly, Brian and Jerry would all be rescued safely and that has led these families to become very, very close. We are persuaded that Kelly has been found, but I feel that I have two other brothers still on the mountain. And the James family is deeply, deeply grateful for the rescue efforts to date. And we wish, we wish the rescue workers Godspeed in their ongoing efforts to bring Brian and Jerry down that mountain safely We are also profoundly grateful for all of those who have prayed for our families. We find strength in your support. And we join all of you in your prayers for the safe return of Brian and Jerry. As Christians, we find peace that Kelly is with God. Kelly always told us that he felt closest to god when he was on the mountain. That is what drove him to climb. And we find enormous comfort in knowing that he lifted off that mountain from a place that he loved and doing something that he loved very, very much.

Thank you all for your support. The family is most grateful.

Frank James


Anonymous said...

Dr. James- as your students and staff members, we are amazed by the grace you have shown under pressure. Actually, we're not surprised, but we are so encouraged by you and honored to know you personally. Thank you for your leadership in such incredibly tragic circumstances. You have represented both Kelly and your faith with such grace. We love you and send all our prayers. keely & josh

Mark Ritchie said...

Dear James Family,

My family and church has been praying for you since this began. We are so sorry to hear this news, but along with you we rejoice in the grace of our Lord and how he has comforted you with the reality of his sovereign love.

Our family has roots at Believers Chapel in Dallas, so we've crossed paths with you, and at Texas Tech I was a fellow student with Kelly. Though I haven't seen him since school, I feel that I know him all over again through Frank's wonderful and mature public handling of your tragedy. My prayers will continue to be with Karen and all of you, and I continue to pray for the rescue of Brian and Jerry.

Mark & Kim Ritchie

Bobb and Cheryl Biehl said...

We are so sorry. We're praying for you all and we love you. It seems like only words to say God is Sovereign, but those words are indeed true. Kelly is safe in the arms of Jesus and you WILL see hin again. Our prayers remain steady for you all.
Bobb and Cheryl Biehl