Friday, February 2, 2007

February 2

Today is Kelly's birthday. He would have been 49.

Around the country, family members are remembering and missing him. At 9:53 am CT, we released helium balloons in Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Florida to commemorate a day that has always been significant to us and now carries with it a tremendous sadness.

Once again we are grateful for all who have become a part of Kelly's story with us, by praying, hoping and now grieving with us.

And we thank God for forty-eight plus years of Kelly and the memories of him that we will always cherish.

Happy Birthday Kelly!


Paula said...

What a beautiful way to remember Kelly!

QQ said...

Aha! He is probably having a great time, although he must also pause from his blissful joy to weep for all who are grieved.

Well, Mom and dad will leave me for about 2 months in 3 weeks (2/22) and I was a bit sad that I'd come home without parents greeting me. Dad said I should be strong in the Lord, the Lord will be with me. Then he went on to say that one of these days I will be left alone without parents, but I should not be sad, because the Lord is with me and He will give me strength so I won't feel lonely. I know the pain although I also know all the theology. So yes, I long for the new resurrected body in Christ, for that is a body that knows no tears, knows no pain and has all the strength. My current body is weak, it is not strong. By faith, however; I say I am strong. And for all my past days, the Lord has thus far kept me. So, beyond reasonable doubt I trust Him to continue to sustain me, sustain my weak body, sustain the weak me. So, I know He must also sustain you, I believe. Through all these tragedies -- and this was but one of those for you -- you will continue to come forth like gold as you have already, and be blessings with precious value to even greater multitude, as you have already been to many -- among whom I am one beneficiary. I thank you.

helen qiu:

Anonymous said...

Two birthdays in heaven.But still sad for those here.I still pray Brian and Jerry will be found.

aa said...