Tuesday, February 19, 2008

"Generosity Springs from Grief"

The Oregonian, Portland's main newspaper, ran an article Tuesday, February 19, about the families of Brian and Nikko, the two climbers who have never been found.

Dwight Hall spent most of the day Monday driving around Mount Hood,taking advantage of the clear, sunny weather to take in the 11,239-foot peak from different angles. He lingered longest on the mountain's northeast face, where searchers believe his son, Brian Hall, died with another climber in December 2006.

The mountain, said Dwight Hall of Rapid City, S.D., "has a draw on me."

It's a sentiment shared by many of the search and rescue professionals -- some paid, some volunteer -- who routinely drop everything to look for missing climbers, hikers and skiers on the nation's busiest mountainside. And it's why Hall wanted to be here to thank searchers for their desperate efforts 14 months ago and to hand over the largest donation in memory for most of the organizations.